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Celestina Warbeck

Soundtrack for the Singing Sorceress

12 August
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•Name: Celestina Calandra Warbeck

•Nicknames: Celest (mum), CC, Tina (puke), Blondie (Benjy), Cece (Dad)

•Gender: Female

•Orientation: Straight

•Age: 16

•Birthday: 8-12

•Wand: 12 1/2" Willow and Phoenix feather

•Occupation: Student, part time musician

•Affiliation: Order of the Phoenix

•Blood: Pureblood

•Education: 7th year Hogwarts.

Subjects: Charms, DADA, Potions, Herbology, Transfiguration (Mediwizard Track),and History of Magic

>>Physical Data
•Height: Height: 5'7"

•Weight: 125

•Eyes/ Vision/ Glasses: Blue sparkling eyes, no glasses necessary, although the doctors (mum and dad) are keeping an eye on her for reading glasses.

•Hair: Dark red flowing hair, recently charmed blonde for Album sales

•Face/Complexion: Fair skin, narrow nose, dimples when she smiles

•Build: Thin.

•Defining Marks: None

•Hearing: Good

•Left/ Right/ Ambi: Right

•Disabilities/ Handicaps: None

•Health: Very good

•Home: Parents, both mediwizards and sort of obsessed with that family tradition. Classic nuclear family, only child. Doted and sheltered. Grandfather visits often, he's the cheif mediwizard for the Heidleberg Harriers and considered an authority on sports medecine.

•Finance: As parents are both mediwizards, good... and as now she's a multi-platinum recording artist, fantastic

Familiar (if any): None

•Dress Style: Comfortable, modest, in with the times, bright blues etc.

•Manner of Speech: Intelligent, soft, gaining confidence

•Manner of Movement: Graceful... is a great dancer when she's sloshed ;)

•Extrovert/Introvert: Introvert slowly coming to extrovert

•Phobias/Fears: Singing in front of people

•Mental Health: Perfectly sane thought slightly self-concious

•Goals/Dreams: Become a international superstar recording artist Survive Hogwarts and Fame, work on honing her craft

•Quirks/Habits: Sings to herself when she thinks nobody is listening.

•Hobbies/Interests: Music, school, reading, writing

•Dislikes: Singing in front of people

>>First Impression: Quiet, cute, wholesome

>>Phrase he uses often: "Er-" "I'm not very good"

•Often: Sings and doubts herself

•Creativity: Great singer/songwriter, knows how to dance when inhibitions are lowered too

>>Friends/Allies: James, Sirius, Benjy, Peter, Annie

>>Enemies: Peter?

•Academic Strengths: History of Magic

•Academic Weaknesses: Potions

Family Information:

Father: Jason Warbeck

Mother: Selma Roterkopf Warbeck

Other family: Opa Roterkopf (attended Durmstrang, worked for German international Quidditch team as an on site mediwizard)

Family History: Everyone in her family is a mediwizard and expects her to be. Her mother's side of the family is German and her mother is first generation Hogwarts on that side.

• Personal History: CC is a very shy girl, resigned to following her parents wishes for her future. She is afraid to speak her mind and while she harbors a passion for music and a voice that sounds like an Angel's, she's very self-concious.
She began dating Peter Pettigrew mid January and at the Gryffindor victory party she was invited to (even though she's a puffer) she got sloshed and danced on the table and on Pete's lap, singing a brilliant rendition of "Murder he Says" which everyone saw.
She lost her virginity to him on Valentine's day after he told her he loved her, however he ignored her after that. They're unofficially broken up (can't break up with a guy you never see) and any confidence she had gained this year about her talents and self worth is stomped.
However Sirius got her drunk at an open mic night at a pub and she got up and performed one of her songs. An agent (Mick) saw her and harassed her until she came in for a meeting with a record company in contract with the WWN. She got a contract and her first album came out June 21.
Also her long-time friend Benjy Fenwick admitted he liked her and they started dating. She's now found someone she can really trust though she has a fear of having her heart broken again and wants to take it slow.

Destiny: To become the most famous household name in Wizarding Music next to the Weird Sisters
"I awoke one morning and found myself famous."
-- Lord Byron

Physical (sporting abilities/quidditch): 2
Strength (physical): 3
Mental (how well they deal with emotion): 6
Intelligence: 7
Social (ability to get on with people): 6
Artistic (drawing/writing/singing/dancing): 10
Looks (the way they perceive themselves): 6

• Conclusion: She's destined for stardom if she only finds her voice...er reword that, her courage. She's also fairly wholesome, so far.

Coming June 21, 1976